A Burst of Hope

Hope Is A Song

July 25, 2022 Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley Season 1 Episode 43
A Burst of Hope
Hope Is A Song
Show Notes

Today on the podcast Martha and Kim are so excited to welcome Annette Burrell to the table.
Annette is gifted creator; a published author, speaker and songwriter. She shares her story of  experiencing God Of Hope in different seasons of her life, including a time when God very specifically led her to write a song. It's an amazing story and you will love her as much as we do!
We're so glad you are here!
Please check out the links below to find out more information on Annette's books and music.

Annette's books:  "He Gave Me A Song"  and the children's book series, "The Adventures of Danny Cricket"

Annette and her daughter Crystal's music: annetteburrell.com

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