A Burst of Hope

Songs In The Night - Part 2 with Pat Elsberry

September 26, 2022 Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley Season 1 Episode 52
A Burst of Hope
Songs In The Night - Part 2 with Pat Elsberry
Show Notes

Hello dear friends! Thank you for joining us today for Part 2 of Pat Elsberry's story! if you haven't listened to Part 1 yet, please go on over and listen to last week's episode first.
(Episode 51 - Part 1 of Pat's story)

Today, Pat shares how her grief led her to run to the Father, over and over. He gave her a peace that passes all understanding and even gave her songs in the night. These are more than just bible verses we've all heard before, these are promises that became life and breath for her.
You can find out more information about Pat and her book in the links below.
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Pat's book "Beautifully Broken"

Pat's blog:   Hope During Loss

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