A Burst of Hope

Taste and See

November 28, 2022 Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley Season 2 Episode 61
A Burst of Hope
Taste and See
Show Notes

On today's episode of "A Burst Of Hope," we are so excited to welcome our guest Jan Morton! Jan is a Pastor's wife, Gran Jan to 5, and has been a Women's Ministry Leader for many years. She began a ministry called "Tasting Grace"  a mentoring in the kitchen for women of all ages.
You will absolutely love Jan's passion for life, which is evidence of her deep faith and hope in Jesus. She encourages us all to build deep relationships with other women, because we need each other.
Jan also shares her delicious recipes with us, so make sure to click on the link below.
Grab your coffee or tea and join us at the table for a sweet time!

Click on the link below to find more information on Jan, Tasting Grace Ministry, and  her wonderful recipes:

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