A Burst of Hope

God Is In Your Story

February 13, 2023 Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley Season 2 Episode 71
A Burst of Hope
God Is In Your Story
Show Notes

Today, Martha and Kim are thrilled to welcome Megan Carnes to the podcast. Megan is a young wife and mom to 2 amazing boys. She is also a Veterinary Technician and is active in a local Moms in Prayer  group.
Megan is beautifully vulnerable in sharing her story of how God pursued her with His redeeming love. From the depths of despair and depression to the heights of abundant life in Christ,  this precious one declares without a doubt that God is Hope!

Here's a link to the songs Megan mentioned:
Megan's Playlist

Check out the ministry of Forgiving Forward that Megan talked about if you'd like to experience freedom through forgiveness.

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