A Burst of Hope

Pages of Hope

April 17, 2023 Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley Season 2 Episode 80
A Burst of Hope
Pages of Hope
Show Notes

On the podcast this week, Martha and Kim welcome Carla Adams to the table. Carla is a wife, a Nurse by profession, a leader of Women's Ministry in her church and also a writer and author. She exudes hope in the way she shares the story of her life coming to a "hard stop" and finding love in the arms of Jesus. As God healed her, He propelled her into a new life full of adventure, serving many people using all the gifts He had given her. Hers is truly an incredible journey.
If you think your story is finished, lean in close to the Author today and let Him write his story on the pages of your heart.

Here are the links to Carla's Books:
"Signs for My Sister"
"But God...and Other Life Altering Phrases"

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