A Burst of Hope

"Fear Stops and Faith Steps"

May 08, 2023 Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley Season 2 Episode 83
A Burst of Hope
"Fear Stops and Faith Steps"
Show Notes

This week on the podcast we are thrilled to welcome Jennifer Hand to the table! Jenn is an author of 5 books and her most recent one is called "My Yes Is On The Table: Moving From Fear To Faith." She is the Founder and Executive Director of Coming Alive Ministries and travels nationally and internationally inviting people to come alive in Christ through conferences, retreats, written resources and counseling. She has had the joy of serving in over 30 countries. Having a master's degree in trauma counseling has opened a unique door to respond after natural disasters around the world.
The title of our podcast this week "Fear Stops and Faith Steps" is a phrase directly from Jenn's latest book, "My Yes Is On The Table," and it certainly is a fitting description of our walk with  God  at times.
If you have ever experienced fear in putting your "yes on the table," then you will be inspired and encouraged by Jenn's story.
We are so grateful to have Jenn as a guest on the show this week. You will love her contagious joy, enthusiasm, and love for Jesus and people!

Here's a link to Jenn's website:
Jenn Hand/Coming Alive Ministries

Her Book - "My Yes Is On The Table: Moving From Fear To Faith"

Thank YOU so much for being with us today!!
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