A Burst of Hope

The Hope Of God's Calling

May 22, 2023 Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley Season 2 Episode 85
A Burst of Hope
The Hope Of God's Calling
Show Notes

We are so excited to have Kay Rew on the podcast this week! Kay and her husband Eddie are the founding directors of Camp Icthus for children and teens. For 35 years they have prayed into and faithfully carried out their calling "to encourage children in a growing relationship with God in an outdoor recreation setting." And they do it in such a wonderful way!
Whatever memories you may have about Summer Camp, Kay will inspire you with her personal story, her love for Christ, and her love for children. Her contagious joy comes from living deep in her God-given calling and purpose, and her wise words will encourage you!
Who's ready for Camp?

Click on the links below for information on Camp Icthus:

Camp Icthus

Camp Icthus on Facebook

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