A Burst of Hope

Hope Is An Anchor

May 29, 2023 Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley Season 2 Episode 86
A Burst of Hope
Hope Is An Anchor
Show Notes

This episode airs on Memorial Day and we wish to honor all those who have given their lives in service to our country. We are grateful for the freedom we have to share our love for Christ and to speak the Truth openly.
We also realize this holiday weekend is the start of the summer; fun in the sun, family trips, and hopefully more time to enjoy life.
Martha and Kim are discussing what it means to be anchored in Jesus, and how we stay anchored in the summer when our schedules, our homes, and our circumstances may look different. 
So, grab that glass of lemonade or sweet tea and join us at the table for some thoughts on Hope as an Anchor.

We sure love being with you! Thanks for making this podcast part of your day. 

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