A Burst of Hope

Surrendered to God's Goodness

July 17, 2023 Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley Season 2 Episode 93
A Burst of Hope
Surrendered to God's Goodness
Show Notes

Today's podcast episode is sure to make you laugh AND stand in awe of an amazing God! Jackie Dukes is our guest and she brings us up close and personal with her incredible story of how she leaned into and surrendered to God's goodness.
Jackie is a mom to 5, she's married to Jake, and together they have a ministry called "Dream Hunters."  She has a degree in Psychology and Counseling, she's a speaker for women's events and is in the process of finishing up her first book.
But for all the accolades, Jackie's deepest desire is to walk intimately with Jesus; you will hear that in her voice and feel the passion as she speaks.

Here's a link to Dream Hunters

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