A Burst of Hope

Staying Anchored - Psalm 119

August 07, 2023 Martha Wilson, Kim Stanley Season 2 Episode 96
A Burst of Hope
Staying Anchored - Psalm 119
Show Notes

We sure have loved sharing our summer series on staying "Anchored." We hope you have been encouraged by it as we have.
Since Martha, Kim, and Priscilla are taking a short break for the rest of August, we wanted to leave you with a quick reminder of the challenge Martha shared last week. That is to read Psalm 119 during the month of August. We'll be reading along with you and since it's the longest chapter in the Bible, we've got plenty of time to enjoy the richness of this acrostic psalm.

We'd love to hear of the treasures God shows you as you read this chapter of God's Word.
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Thank you for being with us on this amazing journey of finding and sharing Hope.
We'll be back at the table in September with more wonderful guests!

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